Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm back from three days in San Simeon. It was good and bad. The good: the weather was lovely, allowing that I was wearing long johns and a woolen sweater. The first pup of the season was born while I was there. I saw at least 4, and up to 9, zebras every time I drove by the castle. I saw a big bird-- probably an osprey, but possibly a bald eagle. The bad: I had difficulty working my shifts, even sitting on a rock as much as I could, until I gave up and brought my walker. Seated in a walker through the whole shift, I was okay. If anything, the visitors admired my volunteerism even more than usual, thinking I was thoroughly disabled, but I didn't spend $14,000 on a chiropractor to have to use a walker at the age of 53.

Today, the to-do list has lots of things on it that are related to getting ready for our party in two days. Unfortunately, all I want to do is sit and knit. I told Tom that I'll do useful stuff when I run out of yarn. If all the yarn shops in the world go out of business, I should run out of yarn sometime in 2012.

The Gaia Shoulder Hug is coming along. I figured out, and confirmed experimentally, that I can do the eyelet rows just as well by purling on the wrong side as by knitting on the right side. Since I find p2tog easier than k2tog, that works out fine. Yeah, I know I'm a freak.

Back to my knitting.


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