Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Seven months ago, I bought some new light fixtures, and called our usual electrician for an estimate on installing them. The price he quoted me was absurd, and he wanted to pressure me into rewiring the whole house for thousands of dollars, so I paid the visit fee and bid him adieu. Six months ago, I took a class in installing light fixtures (free at the hardware store). I took the class in Oregon, and bought the instruction book and the necessary tools.

My back was too fragile to allow me to climb a ladder, so the fixtures have stayed in their boxes, and the tools in their bag. One existing fixture drove me crazy through the whole interim; the light flickered, and I could hear an intermittent pop and hiss. Finally, today, I dragged in the ladder, had Tom turn off the circuit breaker, and installed the new one.

Victory! There is now light in the front hallway between the dining room and the bath. There's a lot of light, as a matter of fact. I had picked a fixture that holds three bulbs, since I like a bright home. Since it's only a little hall, three bulbs lights it brilliantly. If there were room for a comfy chair, I could take my embroidery in there. (That's a joke. I don't do embroidery.)

I'm halfway through Sandy's hat, due Saturday. Plenty of time.


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