Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The back is much better today, thank you.

My right hand was soooo sore... I thought it might be the newly-cool fall weather, freaking with the long-standing arthritis. I wondered where my wristies were; warmth is always nice for soothing arthritic joints.

Then, I remembered my new project-- not the soothing, boring grey stockinette sweater, but the happy, gorgeous multi-colored sock. "Sock" singular-- it'll be a while before it grows a sibling. I've never done stranded colorwork before (unless you count the Tardis hat I knit for Tom last spring-- I don't). I know the classic way to handle stranded colorwork is to hold the yarn in either hand, and knit Continental style in one color, and English with the other. Well, I've stubbornly refused to learn Continental, so I invented my own way of holding yarn, with one color looped over my index finger, and tensioned with my thumb, and the other looped over my middle finger, tensioned with my ring and pinky fingers against the palm of my hand.

That's not a normal posture. Maybe it's normal for sleight-of-hand magicians, but not for me. What I'm experiencing, in the department of aching right hand, is the results of overuse of dis-used muscles. Half of my right hand is experiencing Weekend Athlete Syndrome.

Now, where did I leave those wristies?


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