Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tried to do too much yesterday. I had proposed to a friend that we go for a nice "sit" in a public garden. She counter-proposed shopping in a cute Main Street-type neighborhood. She won. The whole district is four blocks long, both sides of the street, so we're talking eight blocks walking. I was in good shape for 5, and suffered for three.

I bought "Amigurumi Knits," about knitting small, cute animals. My intention was to buy it for Sharon (she doesn't know I have this blog, so the secret is safe here), but I looked at it myself when I got it home. I may have to buy Sharon a second copy-- the patterns are adorable. I may not be able to give it up.

After getting home, Tom and I went to a local park to view the fall colors at sunset. We drove all the way through the park, and found a whole chain of other parks that we had heard rumors about, but had never visited. We'll be going back.

Of course, I overdid dinner, too. I'm going to have to swear off fried, breaded pork chops with mashed potatoes and country gravy, no matter how good they taste. I was quite ill.

Today, we went to the farmers' market, and then the regular market. When we got home, we found that our DVR had crashed. Darn-- I had a few movies on the DVR that I had been saving. Fortunately, there were some watchable shows on live satellite.

This morning, I finished the toe and started the colorwork portion of one of the socks from the handpainted yarn book Sharon gave me for my last birthday. I love and adore it. Except for Tom's Tardis hat, this is the first colorwork I've done. After a couple of hours, I was glad to go back to the plain, grey stockinette that will be Tom's Christmas present.


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