Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

The turkey is on the barbecue. The weather is so unnaturally nice today that it seemed a shame to do it in the oven. The newspaper predicts "sharply colder" over the next couple of days, but low 60s instead of low 80s, in my judgment, wouldn't be "sharply colder," but "sharply less warm."

The house is mostly clean, the desserts are done, and the turkey, as previously mentioned, won't need any more attention until serving time. I have to start the side dishes as soon as I'm done blogging. I have more guests coming than I have sweet potatoes, so I hope everybody doesn't want one. There'll also be wild rice, and bread dressing, so there should be enough food to go around, even if I'm short on some individual items. Kay is bringing bread, and Sharon is bringing cranberries.

When not cooking or cleaning, I have been knitting on the grey alpaca sweater. I have used up the salvaged yarn, and am now working on vigin yarn from the same batch. Oddly, while the salvaged yarn pulled out of my hand-balled balls like butter, I'm dealing with terminal tangling in the new, factory- fresh balls. I'm spending, and this is not hyperbolic, more time untangling than I am knitting.

Guests are due in an hour; I'd better get cracking.


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