Monday, November 16, 2009

Had a great time at D-land, yesterday. The park was lit up and decorated for Christmas already-- very pretty. I rented an electric scooter, since I still haven't enough stamina to stand for more than an hour or two. It's nerve-wracking, negotiating one's way through a thick crowd in an ECV, trying not to run anyone over. I wore poor Tom out completely-- we crossed the park three times, in an effort to see It's a Small World lit up. In the end, we caught it at the exact moment the lights were turned on. It involves a light show lasting a few minutes-- for me, it was worth the effort. Of course, Tom may feel differently-- he was on foot.

Knit not one stitch, yesterday. Today, I balled up my second skein of red eco-wool, to finish up the octopus. I had two 500-gram skeins-- plenty for a sweater, if I had been thinking in that direction. Somehow, knitting an octopus seemed like a better idea than an actual practical garment.

I need clothes. I should get to the mall, next time I have a whole day free.


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