Friday, November 06, 2009

Long time since I've posted. Tuesday, I worked frantically to get ready for two days in San Simeon, before going to therapy at noon. I packed the car before I left, in order to avoid lifting luggage after therapy, which always wipes me out. Drove to San Simeon straight from the appointment; got there after dark. Had to take half a pain pill-- my first since starting therapy-- to get through Wednesday. Even at that, I sat for half the day. Thursday, I folded brochures in the office for a couple of hours before going to the bluff-- still didn't make it through the day.

It was gorgeous, though, even though I was having back pain. I certainly didn't regret going. Dynamite atmospheric effects were in evidence-- iridescent clouds both days, and a dark red halo around the moon on Thursday. There were zebra near the highway, and lots of birds. I got to see my first killdeer, and a rescue attempt of an entangled seal. The seal got away, unfortunately-- I hope they succeed. The strap was cutting so deeply into the poor seal's neck that he was bleeding. Without intervention, he'll die. That would make me sad.

In the knitting department, I finished the hat portion of the red octopus. That would be the mantle, knit in diaper stitch. Rather than start the tentacles, I returned to the grey sock, the second, so Tom can have another pair. I turned the heel today, and am already halfway up the leg. If nothing else, a persistent backache that prevents all other activity guarantees a lot of uninterrupted knitting time.


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