Monday, October 19, 2009

The natural alpaca arrived on Friday. It was, and is, the prettiest yarn I've ever seen. I cast on Obama's hat on Saturday, during elephant seal class. I spent the whole weekend stressing, worried that I hadn't bought enough of the yarn. At this time, I've finished the first skein, and have 7" of hat knit. I have the whole second skein for the crown of the hat, so I clearly have enough.

Last week's rain did the garden a world of good; there are roses popping out everywhere.

My back is a bit worse than it has been. I think I pulled a muscle Thursday when I was so upset at the insurance company. Tom wanted to go to Disneyland with me yesterday-- I sent him on his own. I would have preferred getting poked with a stick to going to D-land, as much as my back hurt.

Since I'm worthless after my back therapy, I'd better get my chores done before I have to go.


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