Saturday, October 10, 2009

Therapy took a lot out of me yesterday, as it always does, but I got a lot of help from Tom with the cleaning for the dinner party last night. The food came out good (the roast was a little overdone), and the company was excellent. We had a wonderful, if exhausting, time.

I went back online last night, in my attempt to find the properly patriotic yarn for Mr. President's hat. While there had been nothing on eBay, I found no end of alpaca farms on Google, which sold their own yarn directly to the public. I thought I had a winner last night-- a medium grey from an animal named "Spock"-- how perfect, for our geeky Chief Executive?-- but it was too expensive, and I had wanted a darker grey. I tried again this morning, and found the absolutely perfect skein-- a charcoal grey, nicely spun, from an animal named "Pearl," at 40% less than the "Spock." It took several tries to get my PayPal account to change the credit card listed to the one I'm using currently, but I finally got it done. I should be knitting up a nice hat for Mr. President's cold head in a few days.


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