Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back: I twanged my back yesterday, getting out of the car in a tight parking space where I couldn't open the door all the way. I'm looking forward to my therapy session this afternoon.

It was gorgeous on the bluff yesterday, cloudy and still in the morning, clear and windy in the afternoon. There were a few hundred juvenile elephant seals relaxing on the beach, and more hundreds of pelicans migrating south. The 500-mile drive didn't bother me, or the 6-hour shift on my feet; the only trouble I had was getting out of my car once I got home.

The grafting of cuff-to-foot went well, for a first attempt. I pulled the stitches a little too tightly, so the line of grafting appears as a crease on the sock. I'll try to loosen up those stitches, before sewing up the back seam. I'm on the second strip of bacon above the egg, which means I should finish the sock today.

Then, I"ll make another like it.


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