Friday, September 18, 2009

It was a busy, busy day, with very little knitting. I slept in, started two loads of laundry, got my blood drawn (yes, my back doctor wants blood work before he starts working on my back), picked up Sharon at her house, went to Starbucks (fasting for blood work meant I had been neither fed nor caffeinated), and that was all by 10 am.

Then we fought our way through the wilds of downtown LA and past, to Torrance, where a friend-of-a-friend had some yarn for sale. She showed us the tables of yarn, announced that she was asking $1/skein, and suggested we put our selections in some plastic bins on the other side of the room. I started tossing skeins into the bin immediately; she had some good stuff there. I took all the 100% mohair, it being a weakness of mine, and all the mohair blends that weren't absolutely hideous. Then I started on the wool, letting up enough that Sharon had a chance. I also claimed some cotton blends, and a few novelty yarns, thinking that I could always toss off a few scarves for the annual Friends of the Elephant Seal fundraising auction. I ended up spending $50 for three grocery bags full of mostly natural fibers; several hundred dollars worth, at retail.

After lunch with Sharon at Polka ( a Polish restaurant in Eagle Rock which I can't recommend highly enough-- it has been a favorite for years), I swung down to the other end of town, and searched for the address where I was to have an MRI (which is a perfectly normal thing to do before starting a round of back therapy). I don't go to Beverly Hills often, not voluntarily, so I had no idea how long to allow for the drive. I miscalculated and arrived half an hour late. The MRI itself was the most relaxing part of the day; I got to sit in one place and watch The History Channel. I got to fight hideous traffic on the way home, throw together a quick dinner, finish the last load of laundry, and finally, finally got to sit down and knit by 9 pm.

That's a pretty big day, for someone who is retired, and mostly doesn't leave the house except for grocery shopping. The best part? As I was driving most of the day, and my Honda Civic fits me like it was custom made, I had less back pain than I've had in weeks.

In my next life, I'm going to be a long-haul truck driver. Who knits.


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