Monday, September 14, 2009

Because there is a merciful God, the weather broke yesterday. The forecaster described the phenomenon as a "cold front," but "less hot front" would be a more accurate description. In any case, the weather yesterday was unseasonably pleasant.

I spent most of the day with Tom's family, eating a royal feast at The Smokehouse, in Burbank, or Glendale, or some such place. I highly recommend the Sunday brunch there, if you have a stern sense of self-control. I limited myself to two plates. It was a difficult task, as two plates meant I left the vast majority of the delicacies unsampled, but I didn't want to look like a glutton in front of Tom's relatives. I will say the caviar was quite nice, and the restaurant has to be losing money on the deal.

I did spend part of the day knitting, after spending another part of the day un-knitting. I hadn't so much finished the previous section as run out of yarn a few rows short of my intended end. After joining in the next color, I decided I didn't care for the slipshod color change, and pulled out most of the previous day's work. I'll re-knit using a slightly different ratio, for the sake of a neat join. This is the price of knitting by ear.

I thought about using the expression, "Knitting by the seat of my pants," but the visual conjured by that expression is just as ludicrous, and more unsavory, than that conjured by the expression, "Knitting by ear."


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