Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's been almost three years since I've posted. It's a good thing I have no followers, of they'd have been disappointed with my absence.

I'm resuming my blog because I'm a half-step out of sync with most of my actual friends; they have no interest in the things that involve most of my days. Maybe, if I cast this out on the waters, someone else will notice, and respond.

I'm currently knitting a gigantic shawl, one totally inappropriate for wear in sunny SoCal. It's a 100% wool, and will measure 5' x 10' when it's finished. It's done in wedges of various shades of brown, in garter stitch, with short-row shaping to make it come out to slightly more than half a circle. The design came to me during a sleepless night at Sock Summit.

I'm currently working on the center wedge, which will be in the middle of my back when it's being worn. I'm especially happy with it, because I had decided to add it when I had already budgeted all the wool I had for the project. I had to dive deeply into my stash to find more brown wool. I came up with some Colinette Cadenza, in the Copper Beech colorway. Since that's a sportweight, and the rest of the shawl is in Aran-to-bulky, I'm holding it double, and reveling in the colors as they unfold.

I never would have known I could have so much fun, working garter stitch in brown wool.



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