Thursday, December 21, 2006

It has been several months since I've made an entry. Reason? I hadn't written down the relevant data, such as my username and password. I hadn't even remembered the web address. Bright?

We're in the middle of the holidays, now. The hard work is already done, and most of the gifts exchanged. All that's left is to go to other people's parties, and enjoy myself.

I'm currently finishing up the sweater I'm making for my husband's Christmas gift. In order to break up all that grey, and all that stockinette, I'm also doing myself a scarf in Noro's "Gemstones." That's a pretty yarn, mostly synthetic, with just a touch of cashmere to class up the description a mite. Yesterday, I finished a scarf in Tahki's "Bunny Print," an equally pretty yarn that's mostly natural fibers. The "Bunny Print" will be a gift to a good friend who just had the skill and good luck to hit another landmark birthday.

Back to the needles.

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