Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funny, I don't feel like a bomb-throwing extremist. I'm a respectable middle-aged woman, a retired nurse, who would just like to have as reliable a health-care system in this country as the People's Republic of Canada has in theirs. Judging from the response to Mr. President's speech last night, this puts me WAY out of the mainstream.

No news on the knitting front. I finished the variegated wedge of the giant shawl yesterday, tweaked my back worse, and started the penultimate beige wedge.

I'm currently doing the mental work on designing a scarf that looks like a piece of bacon. I bought a skein of Holiday Yarns's Bacon colorway at the Sock Summit, and am not inclined to knit any more socks this week. Not that I've giving up on socks, but I left my sock needles in Oregon. Given how much money I spent in the marketplace at the Summit, I'm not inclined to buy duplicates of things I already own.


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