Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm almost done with the penultimate wedge. I'd make the wild claim that I'll finish tomorrow, except that I'm not sure I'll be knitting long days today and tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of sitting and knitting over the last couple of weeks; my body is beginning to crave more activity.

My body is also beginning to crave more air conditioning. The technician's first attempt was an epic fail; the AC blew the circuit breakers within five minutes of the time he left. I tried to schedule him to come back and fix it. Instead of sending the tech back to fix the thing, the company sent two invoices via email for the first visit, which I had already paid. I phoned again today. They returned my call a couple of hours later, and scheduled a return visit for tomorrow.

That'll make five days without AC, and the weather is warming back up again. I'd really rather live in a place where the climate is endurable without the use of high tech, but that isn't an option until Tom can afford to retire.


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