Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got tired of working the intarsia egg, so I turned to my usual antidote for fussy knitting-- a scarf out of super-bulky yarn. This yarn I had already tried on size 13 needles, and had it come out too thick and stiff, so I cast on on size 17s. After knitting several inches, I decided it was turning out too wide, and I'd run out of yarn before it was long enough, so I frogged it and cast on again with 2/3 the stitches. The whole scarf should only take a day or two, after which I can go back to the breakfast socks.

I"m getting tired of drinking a gallon of water/day, and I'm only on the third day. I've lost six pounds, though. I know that's too fast, but I have so far to go, I can't help but be happy about it.

The nutritionist who works with the back doc sat me down yesterday, and gave me a good talking-to. Apparently, my blood work didn't please him. I'm chronically hyperglycemic, low in iron and vitamin D, low in thyroid, and display multiple markers of stress and inflammation. He's going to give me diet and supplementation recommendations next week.

I'm real sorry I won't have time to go to Oregon for the next couple of months. Mostly, I want my circular needles back.


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