Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tom and I drove out to Riverside today to have lunch with an old friend. He looks well, in spite of having been out of work this last year. We went to an old favorite restaurant-- I lived in or near Riverside for 12 years in the '80s and '90s-- which was as good as it ever was, in spite of at least two changes of ownership. If you're out there, it's Zacatecas, on University Ave.

It was too hot to water the yard when we got home, even though it was late enough to make it legal to walk around with a hose. We won't be home on legal sprinkler day, so I have to water by hand. I did the front yard after sunset, and will do the back yard at dawn tomorrow.

After watering, I knit a few more rows on the strip of bacon. It's looking decidedly baconish. I'll be too busy to knit or blog for the next couple of days. I figure it'll take 3-4 days beyond that to complete.


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