Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!

After checking to make sure it wasn't a practical joke, I emailed my congratulations to the White House.

Timing-- ever since the Inauguration, I've wanted to knit him a hat. He looked so cold, striding down Pennsylvania Avenue on that wintry day, with such short hair. I was thinking about it yesterday. In order to pack maximum patriotism into the hat, I felt it should be made of yarn grown and handspun here in the US. I know a shop in Oregon that carries such alpaca; each skein is even labeled with the name of the animal the fiber came from. Unfortunately, my schedule of back therapy won't allow me to go back to Oregon until after the cold weather sets in. I looked online, but the only locally-grown, handspun alpaca I found was from Canada. That won't do.

I finished knitting the second breakfast sock last night. I seamed the back, too, so they'll be ready to show to my guests tonight. They're not ready to wear; I haven't woven in the ends, of which there are many.

My back is so much better I forgot to put on my brace when I got up this morning. Victory shall be mine!


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