Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, since the pink suri merino turned out to be incompatible with the Mezzotint, I turned over the stash in search of some sportweight wool I remembered buying in the same colorway. My back must be better-- the sportweight in question turned out to be in the very bottom bin of the back stack. On viewing it, I decided against incorporating it into the hat; I had enough for a sweater, which I didn't want to risk by nibbling at the edges for a hat.

So, the hat is coming into being in solid, unrelieved pink. That's okay; I like pink.

What I don't like is knitting on DPNs, so I dashed into the local yarn shop to pick up a second size 8 circular needle for finishing the hat. I behaved myself, buying only a couple of needles for which I have need. Then, turning to go, I noticed that some high-quality sock yarn had found its way into the clearance bin. I picked out several bags, as if I didn't already have enough sock yarn at home to keep me amused for at least a year. Alas, I accidentally paid for them with Tom's credit card, rather than my own, so I won't even be able to lie about it. C'est la vie.


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