Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The problem with scarves is that they're long. I like mine extra-long-- at least 6 feet, and 7 or 8 feet is better.

The scarf I'm working on now is over 6 feet, but longer is better. I don't have enough yarn left to make a matching hat, so I might as well keep knitting until I run out of yarn. Thing is, while I still have yarn left, I ran out of patience yesterday. No matter how lovely the yarn (and Mezzotint in the "Monet" colorway is indeed lovely) or engaging the stitch pattern ("My So-Called Scarf"), after 6 feet, it gets old. It especially gets old when I don't know why I'm knitting this-- is it for me? A Christmas gift? A charitable contribution? I don't know.

In spite of the continuing rain, I went for a drive this afternoon. While the vistas were lost in mist, the winding road was a pleasure to navigate. I was out on Mulholland, in the Santa Monica Mountains, where I used to hike. I hope my back will be well enough that I'll be able to do so again, before long.


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