Friday, October 16, 2009

I cast off the scarf I mentioned in the previous entry that night. When I cast it off, it measured 7 1/2 feet. Once off the needles, it measured 6 feet. There's a problem with measuring things that stretch.

Once that was done, I knit a hat band in the same stitch and yarn, and cast about for a coordinating yarn to make a hat from. I settled on a pink suri merino I had in my stash, and cast on. After knitting a few inches, I tried the finished band against it, and realized that the type of hat I was making wouldn't hold an applied band. I tried to knit a stripe of the scarf yarn, but the gauge was too dissimilar-- the scarf yarn needed at least a size 11 needle, while the hat yarn wanted no bigger than a size 8. This hat may be standing on its own.

After a few days of cool, and two of rain, warm and sunny rebounded yesterday. It was 25 degrees warmer than the previous day, at least.

My health insurance company is balking at paying for the MRI I had last month. This inspired me to write an angry and detailed letter to my senator. I hope it has some effect. Unfortunately, the insurance company grief also started my back spasming. The pain is much less than the herniated-disk pain, but it doesn't help.


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