Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I had such good intentions, today. I wrote up a to-do list that included cooking up a few things for tomorrow, and cleaning the whole public part of the house.

I even started; I did an archeological dig on the stack of yarn and magazines at the east end of my sofa. That took most of the morning, and was highly rewarding. I found cache after cache of yarn I had forgotten I had bought, some really lovely things-- sock yarns in rainbow colors, laceweights in gentle pastels, yummy things in general.

Then, before I had finished, I got a phone call from my girlfriend Kay, asking me out for lunch. How could I say "No"? She lives 800 miles away. I had to cancel my last trip to Oregon, so I hadn't seen her in months. Besides, she's not just my friend, she's my hairdresser, and I've been looking kinda shaggy these last couple of months.

Tom joined us, since he was telecommuting. We had a delicious Persian lunch at Shirin, one of my favorite restaurants, and she gave me a cute Zelda Fitzgerald bob. As it turned out, she was planning to have Thanksgiving dinner with her very truncated family group in LA-- I invited the lot of them to join us. Hey, when you have an 18 pound turkey, there's room for a few more.

I did make time this evening to make two pies and a cheesecake, as well as butterfly and brine the turkey. I didn't clean house, but hey, c'est la guerre.


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