Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's *Saturday* already? I have some catching up to do.

Thursday I overslept and forgot to water the yard. Since, under the current water use restrictions, it is illegal to use sprinklers except during a narrow window on Mondays and Thursdays, I had no choice but to water after getting stretched. Since a newly-stretched back is a delicate thing, this was a bad idea.

Out to dinner at Cafe Orient Thursday night, my favorite restaurant on the planet. Up early on Friday to go to the annual Tribal and Folk Arts Marketplace at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. Before going to the museum, I frogged the colorwork sock I had been working on for a few days; it was undeniably too narrow. After the marketplace, Sharon and I had lunch at The Palace Grill, which is, to my knowledge, the best Cajun/Creole restaurant west of the Rockies, if not west of the Mississippi. Then, we hit Knit and Purl, where we both bought small amounts of very expensive yarn, and Cardigans, where we both resisted the temptation.

Since I denied Sharon the opportunity to get coffee in Santa Barbara, I made her tea once we got back to my place. After she left, I picked up the dropped stitches in the sock I had frogged (I had preserved the toe increases), knit with increases to the new width, and started the colorwork over. Made a mistake I couldn't correct without tinking back at least two rows, so I put it aside for today.

The yarn I bought in Santa Barbara came with a slip of paper on which was written the website on which I could find the pattern for the sample I found so tempting that I'd spend $48+tax on two balls of yarn. It's, if you'd like to look at it; the pattern is Gaia ShoulderHug, and it's free. The yarn I bought is Noro Silk Garden Sock, in two closely-related colorways, both largely beige, but one with hot pink and one without.

The plan for today is, mostly, to kick back and knit.


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