Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gaia was the hit of the party last night-- even some of the non-knitters had to look at her closely and admire her. Several people also had to try on the octopus hat. One, having tried on the hat, said, "Now we know, if we didn't before, that you are truly demented." I expected the last word to be "talented," so I was taken by surprise and laughed until I almost choked.

A lot of our regulars had conflicts, and had to skip our party. There are way too few Saturday nights in December. With Christmas falling on a Friday this year, there are even fewer than usual. Still we had a great time. I made way too much food, as usual.

Kudos to Tom, who did more than half the cleaning up. He's a mensch.

Between cooking and cleaning, I managed to find time to watch a couple of movies, and knit most of a hat for Duane, whose birthday is today. I'm off, now, to do those crown increases while watching another movie, so I'll have something to give him when I see him later today.


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