Thursday, December 24, 2009

After knitting for several hours and completing barely two inches of one side of the planned tea cozy, it was clear that it wouldn't be done in time for Christmas. It's lucky that I had already bought other presents for the intended recipient.

Since I wasn't going to finish that on time, I instead knit a quick scarf for another woman I'd be likely to see on Christmas. Since I knit it out of super-bulky Icelandic wool, on size 17 needles, I was able to do it, start to finish, between lunch and bedtime. God bless us everyone.

Today, I went back to the tea cozy. Tom and I tried to see "Avatar," without success. The line, when we got to the theater, would have taken longer to get through than the time remaining before the movie started. We took a bit of a walk around Lake Balboa, instead; my back is feeling much better than it has.

Merry Christmas.


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