Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tom and I had a lovely day at Disney's California Adventure, even though we didn't do any of the things we most like to do at DCA.

Since it was a school day, and overcast most of the day, it wasn't too crowded. It wasn't deserted, either, but populated with moms and dads and their kids who were either home schooled or too young for school. There were lots of infants and toddlers around, and I don't think Tom terribly hated all the young mothers walking around in their summer clothes.

About half of the attractions were closed for replacement or refurbishment. I was very disappointed to learn that the mosaic at the entrance to the park is being removed; it's a masterpiece, and represented years of work for some very talented artists. As it was huge, thousands of square feet, and curved, it seems unlikely that it will be reinstalled somewhere else, but I have to hope that Disney will, at least, store it for reuse. Hey, it'd be great at the Studio, in Orlando, where they try to evoke Hollywood.

Anyway, we walked all around the park, taking in a couple of 3-D movies, riding on some lame rides, reluctantly passing the cool ones as the lines were prohibitively long, and reluctantly deciding not to stay for the World of Color show. We were told that the show was only really visible from one side of the lagoon (we thought it would be visible from all around the lagoon: our mistake), and tickets, already out for the day, were needed to stand in the best viewing spot. We had finished seeing all we wanted to see two hours before the show commenced, and didn't want to wait that long in order to see the back side of water (that's a Disney joke).

In spite of that disappointment, it was nice just to hang out with my guy for a day, walking around and having fun. Since we have annual passes, going to Disneyland comes under the classification of "cheap date," something I've always liked.

Maybe I can get him to take me to the Griffith Park Observatory later this week. That was my favorite cheap date for decades, from high school until they closed it for refurbishment. It was closed for a long time-- four years?-- and I got out of the habit of going. It has been open for years, but the City dicked around with parking and expensive buses for long enough to nearly kill off the Angeleno custom of visiting the Observatory for fun.


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