Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't buy appliances at Home Depot. I got the bill today, for the cooktop and dishwasher I bought on Labor Day. The dishwasher was returned, unopened in the box, after a great deal of grief and complaining. The bill did not reflect that the dishwasher had been returned. It took two phone calls and half an hour on hold to get them to take the charge off the bill.

Other than that, it was a nice day. I packed some more books into the car, so all I have to do now is to throw in a duffel of clothes and an ice chest of snacks and beverages, and hit the road. I spent a bit of time with a map, thinking about a route; I enjoy the drive as much as the destination. My decision was to decide while en route. I might take the 395 all the way to Pendleton, and then follow the Columbia to Portland, or I might go closer to the coast. I'll know when I get there.

(The usual disclaimer for potential burglars: Tom will be staying home.)

In the evening, some friends came over for barbecue. I got rack of lamb at a steal yesterday, and grilled it over charcoal today, for good effect. I treated it the same way I do tri-tip, massaged with mustard and sprinkled liberally with kosher salt before grilling over direct heat until medium rare. They were yummy.

Not much knitting.


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