Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few days ago, I spotted a few ripe limes on my tree. I harvested them, and made a variant on a recipe I found earlier this summer: Brazilian Lemonade. The original had no lemons, but limes, and was sweetened with condensed milk. Since I also had some strawberries to use up, I added them to the mix. This is the result:

Pink Brazilian

3 limes, quartered but not peeled
6 oz condensed milk
1 pint strawberries, hulled

Put the limes, milk, and strawberries in a blender with enough water to cover them. Whir until the strawberries are pureed and the limes are finely chopped. Strain through a sieve, squeezing the pulp to get as much juice out as possible. Add enough water to make two-three quarts, depending on how strong you like your bevvy, and enjoy. Makes at least 4 servings.


After watching a couple of episodes of "Top Gear," Tom and I were in the mood for "The Blues Brothers." Is there any American of our vintage who doesn't revere this as a work of genius? It's such a respectful showcase for a number of great American singers and musicians who might otherwise have faded from memory. Lordy, I love me some Cab Calloway. And, if Wikianswers can be trusted, it still holds the record for the most car crashes in a single movie.


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