Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, I finished the silk/rayon top, sewed up the shoulders, wove in the ends, and tried it on. It fits fine. Maybe it could be a little longer in the waist, or have better coverage at the armpits, but I only had so much yarn, and this was the most I could do with it.

Do I sound disappointed? I am, a bit. For all my chants of, "Plain yarn, fancy stitch; fancy yarn, plain stitch," I knit this rather plain yarn up into a top of only stockinette and garter stitch. Yeah, I'd just done several successful tops with similarly simple construction, but they were all either textured or variegated in color. This yarn wasn't totally plain-- it consisted of a slightly fuzzy ply of silk noil in pale aqua, plyed with a strand of shiny rayon in a silvery hue-- but the visual effect at a distance isn't snazzy enough to carry the project. It's a dud.

I have half a cone of this same yarn in a different colorway, this one dark teal rayon with charcoal grey silk. I think I'll do cables with that one. Cables are nice.

In the meantime, maybe I could sew a bunch of multicolored buttons onto the yoke of this thing. Or-- this might be good-- I can add purple sleeves. No, I didn't think so.


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