Sunday, September 12, 2010

When I estimated that I'd finish the silk/rayon top on Friday, I was making the false assumption that I knew what I wanted to do with the yoke, and that I'd then do it. Instead, I spent all day yesterday knitting something I ended up not liking, and not having enough yarn to complete. This morning, I tinked out everything I did yesterday, took a few measurements, did a little math, and started over in a different direction.

Hmmm... now I'm wondering whether I should tink back a few more rows, and make a few more changes. Nah, let's not get crazy. That's like doing too many rewrites on a story, at risk of not finishing.

Tom and I finally saw "Nanny McPhee Returns" yesterday. I had been resisting, as I had loved the original, and was afraid the sequel wouldn't live up to the standard. I was wrong to resist; the second is as charming as the first. We not only loved it, but we came home and watched the first over again on DVD.

We should have come straight home, but breakfast had been early, and lunch late, so we stopped at our after-matinee standby, LA Buffet. That's a pan-Asian buffet where I can get my sushi, while Tom can enjoy Mongolian barbecue or Chinese stir-fries. He won't touch raw fish, so LA Buffet is my only source of sushi. I was amused that it has added pizza and tacos to it's Saturday lunch buffet line. The pizza was among the worst things I've ever eaten, somehow managing to be soggy and dried out at the same time, and tasting neither of cheese nor of tomato, but only of overcooked green bell pepper. That is not only one of my least favorite flavors as a flavor, but evokes unhappy childhood memories. By evening, I was violently ill. I blame the pizza, as I kinda liked the tacos. No way would I blame the sushi; I eat it almost every week, without ill effects.


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