Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I saw the pain doc today; no complaints. Keep doing what I've been doing.

While I had other things I could have been doing today, most of them involved getting dirty. I didn't want to change my clothes, so I spent the day knitting. I had used up more than half the yarn when I got to the midpoint of the project (another summer top-- Angelenos never have enough hot weather clothes), so I looked for the coordinating color of the same yarn I knew I had in my stash. To my amazement, it was in the first place I looked. What's up?

I had been aging a couple of tri-tips for the last week. Today, I had Tom light a fire, and I barbecued them. I could have lit my own fire, but that would have involved changing my clothes. The kettle barbecue doesn't cook the same as the pit, but the finished product was just as delicious as the tri-tip I made for a party a few months ago.


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