Thursday, September 16, 2010

I finished that class early this morning; I spent 10 hours on it yesterday. Then, I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled. Such fun. On returning home, I called the folks who were supposed to pick up the stovetop. They told me that the order would have to come from the store. I called the store; the associate I spoke to told me that the only person who could help me was off that day, but he'd have him call me tomorrow.

Tom, Man of Action, had had all he could take of the runaround. He packed the stovetop into his car, and drove to Home Depot to confront the manager. The manager agreed that, yes, the incident had been badly handled. He agreed to have the stovetop picked up from the store (Tom had brought it in with him), and to have the dishwasher that couldn't be installed picked up from our house by tomorrow morning. Then, before he came home, Tom went to the pharmacy, where he demonstrated that they had sent me gluco test strips that didn't work in my machine. Since my machine is obsolete, and the proper strips for it are no longer made, they sent a new machine, one that would work with the strips he had picked up last week.

My hero.


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