Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it really only Tuesday?

I turned the heel on the sock I abandoned for 10 days while knitting the disappointing blue silk/rayon top, plus the ankle and an inch up the leg. That wouldn't be much for a whole day's work, but I also worked on the class I'm working on to refresh my nursing license, in case I have to go back to work.

And, I spent half the day looking for a dishwasher that would fit into the space under my kitchen counter. I've never had so much trouble buying an appliance! This was worse than buying a car. Finally, at the sixth store we went to, we found exactly what we needed, complete with a helpful, friendly salesman and 0% financing. Oh, where was this wonderful store, that had a dishwasher in a size unavailable in the first five stores, at a reasonable price, with free financing? Brace yourself. Sears.

Yeah, I've always thought of Sears as a purveyor of cheap, crummy stuff, like K-Mart or Target. But, this time, they really came through for me.

Not quickly, though. It won't be installed until after I leave for my next trip to Oregon, in about 2 1/2 weeks. And not too cheaply, either. We'll be paying more, both for the dishwasher and the installation, than we would have for the one that didn't fit. Hundreds of dollars more.

I don't like spending this much money, with Tom out of work. Ah, well. Retirement is overrated.


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