Friday, September 24, 2010

There is a great deal of stockinette involved, when one knits a top, size xxl, in fingering weight yarn. It's just as well that I like it. Making such things one after another, though, substantially slows down progress on the poor sock.

Poor sock. I took it to San Simeon with me, but only worked on the rayon top (this one in teal).

We're building up to another heat wave this weekend. I had planned to leave early Sunday, but I don't dare. My garden suffered so, last time I was gone, that I'm going to stay to water on Monday, and leave then. That also gives me one more day to pack. I'm thinking that I'll take a lot of my books to Oregon, since the Los Angeles house is packed to the gills. I assembled five giant bookcases last time I was in Oregon, so there's plenty of room for them, there. All I have to do now is gather up the gumption to pack the books.

At the county fair last week, I bought a device for the stretching of the back. It seemed remarkably effective, when I tried it at the fair. It would probably be just as effective at home, if I were to actually assemble it and use it.


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