Saturday, October 09, 2010

Gorgeous sunset tonight. I was driving south along the coast. The whole sky was pink, with threads of brighter pink cloud, over a sea of pink mercury, with a thumbnail sliver of moon over the Channel Islands.

Nevertheless, I've driven way too much-- 2,000 miles in the last five days, which includes two days in which I didn't get near a car. You wouldn't believe how much my butt hurts.

I did finish the knitting on the aqua top I was knitting on yesterday, while sitting through a seven-hour class (the object of today's long drive, and the source of some of my butt-agony). All that remains is to try it on, and seam the shoulders.

I was faced with a temptation. One of the other students in the class, seeing me knitting, asked whether I spin. It seems that she has two pet alpacas, doesn't spin, and has 13 pounds of alpaca fleece that she's letting go for $100. I love knitting with alpaca, but I don't want to start spinning. Since the hours in a day are finite, time spent spinning would be time I'd have to take away from my knitting.


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