Sunday, September 26, 2010

The heat wave is well-established. It was 110* today, with a forecast of even hotter tomorrow, and temps continuing over 90* for the next week.

I bought irises at the farmers' market today, not flowers, but plants. It seems quite insane to even think about planting anything in this weather, especially when I won't be around to look after them for the next 10 or 12 days. I'm not excited about leaving them out of the ground for that long, either. The best option, I think, would be to plant them in a pot, and leave it indoors in the air conditioning until I get back. By then, the heat wave will have broken, and I could plant them outdoors without fear. The problem with that plan is that I don't have any potting soil on hand. They might be okay out of the ground for two weeks, as they are dormant. They might be okay with being planted during a heat wave, since the usual planting time for irises is August, anyway.

They might want to go to Oregon with me, to grow in the garden there. That would surprise them, wouldn't it? I just checked the weather, and it's 42* cooler in Astoria than it is here, and raining.

I've been dying to drive up the 395 for weeks, but the predicted highs are 104 in Bishop, 98 in Reno, and even 91 in Susanville. That last number isn't realistic, anyway. While I usually make it to Susanville in one day, when I'm traveling by myself, I usually get out at the crack of dawn. Since I'll be staying in LA to water the yard, I won't be getting out until 9 am, or so. Getting to Reno may be the best I can expect.

If I weren't so dead set on the 395, the coast would be a better option. While Healdsburg, on the 101, is almost as hot as here, it's downright pleasant on the 1: 80* in Mendocino. Maybe I'll go that way on the way back.

On the knitting front, I finished the first skein of rayon on the teal top. I got almost 8 inches of length from the one skein, so I know the 4 skeins I have on hand will be plenty to do whatever I want, in the way of summer ( sleeveless or cap-sleeved) tops.


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