Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saw "Avatar" this morning. Wow! That's a movie. The first hour or so goes slowly, but it's all deus insertion (*first you have to put the deus in the machina*) that pays off in the last act. I'd skip the 3-D effects, though. They work well enough, but the glasses have to be square to the screen for the effect to work; if you turn your head or look up or down, you'll see echo images instead of depth. Add that to the fact that, in the theater we visited, the floor was so sticky it took real effort to move my feet, and I was sitting at rigid attention for almost 3 hours.

After seeing the movie, I want to move to Pandora and learn to ride one of those flying-beasties. If I can't do that, I'll settle for Sigourney Weaver's haircut.

I finished knitting side 1 of the tea cozy, and started side2. I made a mistake in reading the pattern, with the result that the finished cozy will be an inch taller than originally designed. I can live with it, and the recipient will never know.


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