Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It occurs to me that I've been remiss. I've mentioned the tea cozy I'm knitting as a gift for a friend, but I've given no information about the pattern or yarn. The pattern is from a book, "Tea Cozies," no author given, from Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. The pattern is "Sheepish Look," by Caroline Lowbridge. I'm doing it with unlabeled off-white worsted wool I got at an estate sale for the main color. Having finished knitting the body pieces last night, I spent much of this morning looking for the correct skein of contrast yarn for the sheep's head. I found it halfway through my second run through of the 17 bins that hold my stash. Oops-- it's not worsted, it's bulky. Rather than wait for my LYS to open, I made do with the yarn at hand. Of course, that means I'm knitting by ear, as following the pattern would give me a much too big head. It'll come out all right-- I wanted to knit the head in the round, anyway. I'm using size 8 needles, which will yield a bulletproof head-- I use size 13 when I'm using this yarn (Lamb's Pride bulky) for sweaters, as even size 10s yield a very stiff fabric.

I also haven't mentioned that I saw "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" on Sunday. That's the most Terry Gilliam-ish of all of Terry Gilliam's films. I loved it.


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