Friday, November 12, 2010

Sorry about the absence-- I've been super-busy, getting ready to open a restaurant in a few months. I cooked professionally for years, but I never actually opened a restaurant before, and the workload is unbelievable. I did, when I was working as a nurse, open a "discreet unit" in a hospital, but there I had the advantage that I was working in a building that had been a hospital before. Now, I'm trying to put a restaurant into a building that used to be a tanning salon. Other than already having four walls, a floor, and a ceiling, I'm pretty much starting from scratch.

I like this new cordless keyboard. I'm making fewer typos than usual.

I'm also using an unfamiliar washing machine. I managed to felt another pair of Tom's socks. They fit me perfectly, now, so I won't have to felt them any further. Tom was very surprised when I cast on another pair in the same yarn. I told him I'd knit him another pair, but he didn't know I had another skein of the same yarn stashed away. Rather than commit myself to always washing these by hand, I'm going to knit hugely enormous bags, and let them full in the first wash. I love the socks I ruined for him yesterday; the felting makes them very thick and smooth and warm.

I did finish the peach-sage-gold top this morning. It was too cool to wear it today, and I noticed that the subdued colorway isn't really flattering to my skin tones. I wore it over a coral-colored long-sleeved t-shirt, and killed two birds at once.


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