Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I've had better days. My back is killing me, a pain pill didn't help the pain, but depressed my mood, our former air conditioner company gave us to a collection agency, it was over 100* F today, and the Republicans got control of the House.

For the information of anyone who might read this, the air conditioning company was Mediterranean. We were good customers for a decade, spending over $50,000 on equipment and services, in spite of getting consistently terrible service from them-- broken equipment, failed installations, even dropping an air conditioning unit through the next-door-neighbor's wall. The last straw was a few years ago, when they came to the house, told me they couldn't tell what was wrong with our AC but would try to come back a few hours later, and asked for payment of the service call fee. Since they had neither diagnosed the problem, nor given me an estimate of the cost to fix it, I refused to pay. After all, no service had been rendered. When I phoned the company, asking that a different technician be sent, the manager called me stupid. I told him not to bother sending anyone, and called another company, which fixed the problem immediately.

Mediterranean sent us a bill, which we returned with an explanation of why we weren't going to pay. When they sent us a dunning notice, we notified the Better Business Bureau, which did nothing. Mediterranean has continued to dun us, and now has referred the matter to a collection agency.

Heck, if they had fixed the damn air conditioner, I would have paid the same day. Since they didn't, and couldn't, I don't see any good reason to give them my money.


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