Friday, October 22, 2010

I didn't want to knit all day on one color, so I thought I'd mix things up by altering the yoke on a rayon top I knit last year. It is-- or was-- really pretty, a mix of peach, beige, and khaki, in the same sort of shiny boucle I've been using all summer. Antique buttons, too. I've only worn it once, because the yoke provided insufficient coverage to wear it with a regular bra, and I find strapless bras fiendishly uncomfortable.

As it turned out, since I had knit it from the top down, I couldn't get it to separate where I wanted it to, so I frogged the whole thing and turned it back into balls of yarn. Yep, that was a real quick re-do.

I'm within a few rows of finishing the teal top, and will probably finish today. According to the local weather forecast, it'll be a week before it'll be warm enough to wear it. I can wait.

I decided not to go to the Boxer/Obama rally today, because I'm averse to crowds, and a well-publicized public appearance by the Pres would certainly draw a crowd. I've been trying to follow it on TV, changing from channel to channel as news gave way to soap operas, but the rally has been bumped, in part, by a fatal shark attack north of Santa Barbara. Yikes.

Maybe it's not so bad that I hardly ever swim in the ocean, as much as I enjoy it.


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