Tuesday, May 04, 2010

If I liked housework as much as I like gardening, I'd live in an immaculate house.

Yesterday, while contemplating going to the side of the house to deal with some overgrown ivy, I started pulling out some unwanted seedlings. Then, I fetched some tools and a barrel. I went on my hands and knees under some large shrub roses to get at other weed trees, cut the suckers from the roses (even though they were currently blooming and quite pretty), and didn't stop until the front yard was as lovely as it deserves to be, and the barrel was full.

Never did get around to the ivy at the side of the house.

It may have been a tactical error to buy such fine yarn for Tom's new socks. Knitting for a man's big feet on size 0 needles takes a very long time. I knit for several hours yesterday, and made less than two inches progress. Tsock Tsarina made a pair of socks for her dad on size 000 needles; hats off to her. I knit a few wedges on the Sea Lettuce Scarf, too-- about an inch's worth.

When I finish with these, I'm pulling out some bulky yarn.


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