Monday, May 03, 2010

Boy howdy, I underestimated the true extent of yesterday's laziness. I actually fell asleep in front of the TV, in the middle of the day! Note, I usually don't nap unless I'm sick. Yesterday, I wasn't sick in any way, just bone idle.

I made two or three inches of progress on Tom's sock. I may have chosen badly regarding the stitch pattern; the "pearled rib," instead of looking special in this yarn, just looks like an untidy 2x3 rib. I haven't pulled it out, though, and am not likely to. Either it will look better when it's stretched out on a leg, or it won't. If it doesn't, it's only a sock.

When I got tired of working on the sock, I spent a couple of hours on the Sea Lettuce Scarf. Sharon gave me half a skein of yarn in the same colorway and lot (we bought them at the same time, from the same dealer), so I'll have plenty of yarn to make it a good length. The limiting factor will be my patience.


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