Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I spent much of yesterday doing battle with ivy (Ivy is evil!), moonflower (Moonflower is evil!), and jasmine (Jasmine is not evil, just misunderstood), so I didn't finish the socks. I'll finish them today, right after going to the grocery store. Yeah, right.

There's discussion on Not So Humble Pie's blog about bloggers who present their lives as being perfect. I'm not part of that, as I don't read those "perfect" blogs, nor do any of the folks commenting read mine, but here's my own disclaimer:

My life's not perfect. My house is a mess. My back hurts much of the time. One of my dogs is only marginally well-behaved. I dislike crowds, I'm afraid of police officers, and I have no family besides my husband.

I just prefer to write about the good stuff-- knitting, gardening, traveling.


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