Saturday, April 24, 2010

I finished the first sock and started the second, yesterday. I'm about halfway to the heel, toe up. I didn't knit much, today.

Tom had some work to do on a friend's computer. I owed this same friend a good Cuban meal-- I talked him into going to a Cuban restaurant yesterday, at which the service was so bad that the waiter was just getting around to asking him what he wanted while the rest of our party was finishing our meals. Luckily for me, roast pork and fried bananas is both one of my favorite meals, and one of the easiest to make. I brought the roast, already seasoned and in the pan, to his house, and slipped it in the oven. Tom and Craig (he to whom I owed a Cuban dinner) retired to the office to work on Craig's computer, while Genny and I gossiped in the living room. Half an hour before the roast was done, Genny started some rice, while I started to fry the bananas. The guys demonstrated that they got the computer working in time to set the table, and we all had a nice meal together.

Tom and I tried to catch up on some TV when we got home, but we were both so wiped it was useless. We didn't delete the shows we slept through.


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