Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday I did the heel and a couple of inches of leg; today I've already done another few inches of leg. If I knit tonight, I should finish the first sock today.

My front yard looks absolutely glorious. My roses usually peak about Easter. This year, they're peaking late, but beautifully. Along my front fence, I have Berries and Cream, Dreamweaver, Climbing Fourth of July, Altissimo, and Souvenir du Malmaison. In an island, I have a cherry tree and an apple tree, both in bloom, surrounded by roses Linda Campbell, Caribea, Greensleeves, Opening Night, and a dozen others whose names escape me right now. In another corner, I have several David Austen roses, including Othello, and some pink varieties. (I need to spend more time with my rose books! I used to know all those names.) Add in some irises, two tangerine trees loaded with fruit, some neatly trimmed hedge-type shrubs, a blue cypress, and an unknown shade tree or two, and you have the idea.

I've lost almost 30 pounds, and felt a need for some new clothes. I ordered a swimsuit online, but wasn't pleased with the selection of dresses I found, so I went shopping in my closet. Lucky me-- I found a few things, some of them really cute, that fit me now, and didn't before. New clothes accomplished.


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