Friday, April 16, 2010

Sharon and I drove up to the Poppy Reserve today. I hadn't been there in a few years, since I didn't expect many flowers in the drought. We had a nice, rainy winter this year, though, and I had seen some pictures a friend of Tom's emailed him, so I had to go.

It wasn't the best show I've ever seen at the Poppy Reserve, but I've been there for a hundred-year bloom. This was a good one, the poppies painting the hills in a way that is visible from several miles away, from passing airplanes, and maybe from the space station. Besides poppies, there are goldfields, lupines, fiddlenecks, and a bunch of flowers I didn't recognize.

We also found that a favorite taqueria from previous years is still in business, and still just as good. I believe the name was "Tacos Si Senor." Sorry about the lack of diacritical marks.

Back in the Valley, I took Sharon to the LYS, where I bought some sock yarn in a bright combination of colors that reminded me of the poppy reserve, and Sharon bought some nice laceweight. All in all, we had a very good day.


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