Thursday, April 08, 2010

I hit the ground running, this morning. By nine am, I had started the third load of laundry, finished watering the yard thoroughly, and washed half the dirty dishes created by last night's dinner party. I have now finished the dishes and the laundry, and am ready for a nap. My early-morning burst of energy didn't persist into the afternoon.

One of last night's dinner guests asked me to adopt her-- I think she likes my cooking. Another, who takes care of my cat when I'm out of town, and so sees the house without supervision, noticed that I had cleaned the kitchen. Maybe I'm doing something right.

I'm not going to finish the second colorwork sock today, because I didn't devote the whole day to knitting. I had a lot of chores to do this morning, and that threatened nap might prove to be more than a rhetorical device.


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