Monday, April 26, 2010

Tom and I tried to go to Disneyland yesterday, but it took so long to go the two blocks from the freeway to the parking lot (an hour!) that we changed our minds and went home. When I noticed at first that the traffic had been diverted past the parking structure to a more distant lot, I thought the structure was closed for maintenance. Imagine my horror when I realized it was already full! When it was built, not so long ago, it was the largest parking garage in the world (it has since been eclipsed, in turn, by every other new parking garage Disney has built for its theme parks), and it was full by 10 am, before school let out for the summer. I advised Tom to take a vacation day in the middle of the week, so we can go in peace.

Instead of walking around D-land, we spent the rest of the day catching up on British TV-- Dr. Who, Top Gear, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, and Graham Norton. Doing so gave me lots of knitting time, so I was able to finish the foot on the second sock, turn the heel, and get enough of the way up the leg that I could hit the ground running this morning. If I knit all day, I could finish the sock today. That I would do so is unlikely, as the weather is perfect for working in the garden-- 60 degrees F, and overcast. In cosmic terms, it's just the same if I finish the sock tomorrow.


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